Guidelines for Forest Restoration in Ghana

Author: IUCN

To introduce the concept of FLR in Ghana, the Government of Ghana supported the establishment of a National Working Group on Forest Landscape in 2004 to develop a National Plan of Action on FLR and encourage innovative restoration efforts. In addition, a National workshop on ITTO guidelines for the restoration, management and rehabilitation of degraded and secondary tropical forest was held in Ghana in 2006.

Forest Landscape Restoration. Broadening the Vision of West African Forests

Authors: IUCN

Forest Landscape Restoration is about getting the right blend of approaches,  at the right scale, to deliver the forest goods and services that people and  societies need. Although separate initiatives on projects using the FLR approach in West Africa already  exist, there is a need to repeat these examples on a broader scale.

A Study on the Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Forest Landscape Restoration in Shinyanga Region, Tanzania

Author: IUCN

In East Africa, restoration is being used as a tool to promote both livelihood security and forest conservation. The following examples from the region make it clear that the lessons from East Africa are pertinent for the rest of the world.

A World of Opportunity

Authors: The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration

This document addresses the opportunities of forest landscape restoration across the world. By mapping these potential restoration sites it becomes possible to bring these landscapes back to life. 

Spreading Our Branches

Authors: The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration 

This document introduces one of the core activities of the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration, namely creating learning networks. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for restoring forestlandscapes. Therefore these learning networks can store FLR experiences, capturing out the real-world nuances and uniqueness’s of different approaches, and generating tools and knowledge that can support practitioners in the field.

Getting the Facts on Forests

Authors: The Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration

This document introduces the economic rationale of the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration. By carrying out an economic appraisal of various forest restoration sites and increasing the facts on forests. The results can become a guide for policy makers.