IUFRO: FLR Workshop in El Salvador (ES)

IUFRO held a large workshop to share experiences and strengthen capabilities around design, planning, implementing and monitoring of FLR programs and projects

ROAM Around the World

A step-by-step online guide makes forest landscape restoration assessments more accessible

UN-REDD Programme Resources

New resources form the UN-REDD Programme, focusing on REDD+ and an associated UNEP report on the Soft Commodity Forest Risk Tool

The Restoration Initiative

IUCN, FAO and UNEP are fostering innovation and integration in support of the Bonn Challenge

The Restoration Diagnostic

A Method for Developing Forest Landscape Restoration Strategies by Rapidly Assessing the status of Key Success Factors (External Link)

GPFLR: Uniting governments, organisations and communities to restore our lost forests

GPFLR on Twitter