NWO PhD Grants: Graduate Programme Nature Conservation, Management and Restoration

The NWO funded Graduate Programme Nature Conservation, Management and Restoration has two grants available to fund innovative and trans-disciplinary PhD research projects in the area of Nature Conservation, Management and Restoration.

OpenForests: The Canopy Jobboard

OpenForests has created the Canopy Jobboard. The Canopy Jobboard is a place for Non Governmental Organizations and academia to post jobs, consultancies and expert profiles for free.The Canopy Jobboard is created to support the community of organizations and professionals who work in

Scaling Up Regreening: Six Steps to Success: A Practical Approach to Forest and Landscape Restoration

Authors: Chris Reij and Robert Winterbottom

This report presents a way forward. It reviews successful regreening efforts and describes how innovative farmers are increasing their on-farm tree densities, laying out a path for working with farmers to facilitate and accelerate their regreening practices at scale and identifying barriers that need to be overcome.

New Generation Plantations: NGP Review 2016

How can plantations contribute to resilient landscapes? How can companies go beyond simply providing work and avoiding conflict with local communities to create shared economic, social and environmental value? 

These aren’t questions with easy answers. But the NGP platform capacity to confront difficult issues has evolved. By presenting inspiring, tested models for responsible forestry and farming at scale, over the course of study tours, encounters, videos and publications, participants have built up a remarkable level of trust and understanding. 

FAO Forestry Department: Wildlife and Protected Areas Management Expert

FAO is recruiting a Wildlife and Protected Areas Management expert for its Forestry Department. 

FAO Forestry Department: Multiple Positions

Multiple positions advertised on the FAO Website:

UN-REDD Programme Publications

Below you can find new resources form the UN-REDD Programme, focusing on REDD+ and an associated UNEP report on the Soft Commodity Forest Risk Tool

Soft Commodity Forest Risk Tool

The Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) has developed a lending and investment policy tool for financial institutions to reduce the deforestation risk caused by the unsustainable production, trade, processing and retail of soft commodities, especially soy, palm oil and beef.

UN-REDD: Info Brief 3:

Banking on REDD+: Can bank and investor risk policies on soft commodities benefit REDD+?

This UN-REDD Info Brief assesses whether and how soft commodity risk policies by banks and investors could potentially benefit UN-REDD countries to achieve REDD+ results based on an analysis of risk policies from a range of financial institutions.