Competing claims on the Kampar Peninsula

A presentation by Petrus Gunarso, Tropenbos Indonesia, on the issues currently influencing the activities on the Kampar Peninsula of Sumatra, in Indonesia.

Mapping Landscape Restoration Priorities in Ghana

An interview from PROFOR with Foster Mesah, Executive Director of the Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services at the University of Ghana. He discusses the learning process on mapping landscape restoration opportunities in Ghana.

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Bentwoud – A Recreational Forest

This short movie describes a Forest Landscape Restoration site in one of the coastal provinces of the Netherlands.

Westerse Veld van Rolde - a private owner approach

This short movie describes a Forest Landscape Restoration site in the Drente province of the Netherlands.

Forest landscape restoration in Doi Mae Salong, Thailand

An impression of forest landscape restoration and tourism in Doi Mae Salong in Thailand. A report by Tawatchai Rattanasorn, IUCN.

Pamu Berekum

An impression of the GPFLR site in Pamu Berekum, Ghana.

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The Potential of Forest Landscape Restoration – John D. Liu

A short film by John D. Liu (EEMPC) on the potential of global forest landscape restoration of degraded lands. A successful case is shown in China where farmers have restored their own farm land.

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Forests for the 21st century

This short video, produced by the Forestry Commission and IUCN for the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration, looks at some compelling examples spanning three continents, including an IUCN project in China.

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Interview with Janaina Silva de Almeida

Interview in Portuguese with Janaina Silva de Almeida on forest landscape restoration. She is coordinator Water Resource department. State of Acre, Brazil.

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Restoring the peatswamp forests of Indonesia

A video by Wetlands International on peatland loss, CO2 emission and restoration techniques in Kalimantan, Indonesia.