Articulação entre atores na ação e aprendizagem para a restauração de paisagens florestais

Presentation in Portuguese by IUCN on the Forest Landscape Restoration workshop in Rio Branco - Acre – Brazil.

Forest Restoration Landscape Project at Doi Mae Salong, Thailand

Presentation by IUCN on a Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) project in Northern Thailand. The integrated management of ecosystems and livelihoods - Introduction at the RECOFTC training on “Landscape Functions and People: Applying Strategic Planning Approaches for Good Natural Resource. 31 October 2009 by Tawatchai Rattanasorn.

Kebijakan Nasional tentang IUPHHK Restorasi Ekosistem dalam Hutan Alam pada Hutan Produksi

Presentation partly in Bahasa Indonesia and partly in English on forest ecosystem restoration in Indonesia. Presentation by Listya Kusumawardhani.

Success story Wanagama: Dari Problem Menjadi Solusi

Presentation in Bahasa Indonesia by Prof Dr Mohammad Na'iem on reforestation and restoration in the case of Wanagama, Indonesia.

Sharing Experiences in Landscape Approaches

Presentation by Cora van Oosten on the concept of ‘landscape’ and the meaning of the landscape approach.

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Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR)

Introduction to the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration (GPFLR).

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Problématique forestière dans le site LLS de la RDC-Est

French presentation by IUCN and AFED on problems regarding forestry in East Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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La Reconstitution du Capital Forestier dans la Politiqueforestiere de la RDC

French presentation by F. Djengo Boslulu on forest policies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

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Restitution de L’elaboration. “Plans d’amenagement des bassins versants et de gestion a base communautaire de la plaine de Rusizi”

French presentation by IUCN and Helpage on transboundary watershed management in Rwanda and neighbouring areas.

FLR in Ghana – Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

Presentation by Dominic Blay on Forest Landscape Restoration in Ghana. Dominic Blay discusses what is needed with regard to political and institutional change for FLR to succeed in Ghana.