Comparative Framework on Forest Landscape Restoration. Enhancing social learning on Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR)

Presentation and audio by Wageningen University MSc students on the comparative analysis framework for Forest Landscape Restoration projects.


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Restoring Landscapes – Governing place

Presentation by Cora van Oosten of CDI for the Yale conference (2012) on Strategies for landscape scale restoration in the tropics.

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Projeto de Conservação da Biodiversidade e Uso Sustentável das Florestas do Noroeste de Mato Grosso

Presentation by Eulinda de Campos Lopes in Portuguese on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of forests of Northwest Mato Grosso, Brazil.

PROAMBIENTE: Programa de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental da Produção Familiar Rural

Presentation by Pesacre in Portuguese on the environmental development program on family based rural agriculture.

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Landscape Restoration in Indonesia

Presentation by Petrus Gunarso, Tropenbos Indonesia, one several landscape restoration initiatives by the private sector, the global community and local communities in Indonesia.



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Regreening the Barren Hills: Alternative Methods of Tropical Forest Restoration

Presentation by David Lamb on alternative methods for tropical forest restoration. Besides large scale reforestation activities, David Lamb argues to look for smaller scale silvicultural alternatives as well, which are more suitable for farmers.

An Effort to Restore from Imperata Grassland to Secondary Forest in Samboja Lestari Area- East Kalimatan

Presentation by Ishak Yassir on how to restore and create new forest from grassland especially for supporting the reintroduction of Orangutan programs.

Restoring Degraded Mine Land Using Native Species

Presentation by Yadi Setiadi on how to restore degraded mine lands by using native tree species in Indonesia.

Aprendizagem social em processos de gestão compartilhada de recursos naturais

Presentation by Y Ikatu Xingu in Portuguese on social learning in shared natural resource management in Xingu, Brazil.

Aprendizagem social em processos de gestão compartilhada de recursos naturais

Presentation by ITTO in Portuguese on Forest Landscape Restoration and its guidelines.