Forest Restoration in Landscapes. Beyond Planting Trees

Authors: WWF

The importance of restoration continues to grow, and this book integrates the restoration of forest functions into landscape conservation plans. 

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Forest Rehabilitation in Vietnam. Histories, Realities and Future

Authors: CIFOR

This report assesses the experiences of forest rehabilitation in Vietnam and draws strategic lessons from these experiences to guide new forest rehabilitation projects. The report highlights lessons from Vietnam's experiences that will be helpful beyond the country border.

Forest rehabilitation in Indonesia. Where to after three decades?

Authors: CIFOR

Rehabilitation activities in Indonesia have a long-history of more than three decades, implemented in more than 400 locations. Successful projects are characterised by the active involvement of local people, and the technical intervention used tailored to address the specific ecological causes of degradation that concern local people. However, sustaining the positive impacts beyond the project time is still the biggest challenge.

Mobilizing Private Investment in Trees and Landscape Restoration in Africa

Authors: PROFOR

Building on PROFOR's past experience with Investment Forums in Africa, PROFOR organized with a number of partners a new investment forum hosted by the World Agroforestry Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Rehabilitation and Restoration of Degraded Forests

Authors: IUCN, WWF, edited by D. Lamb and D.A. Gilmour

Large areas of the world’s forests have been lost or degraded and landscapes everywhere are being simplified by current land-use practices. In this publication, Lamb and Gilmour present approaches to restoring and rehabilitating the vast areas of degraded, fragmented and modified forests which cover much of the world.

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Restoring Forest Landscapes. An introduction to the art and science of forest landscape restoration

Authors: IUCN, ITTO

This publication presents the latest thinking on the emerging concept of forest landscape restoration. A joint production of ITTO and IUCN, it is the result of close collaboration between a number of institutions.

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The Ecosystem Approach. Learning from Experience

Authors: IUCN, edited by Gill Shepherd

This book follows applications of the Ecosystem Approach over a 5-10 year period in five locations.  Key findings include the vital importance of a full stakeholder analysis, of market analysis and of the promotion of institutional evolution.

Principles and Practice of Forest Landscape Restoration. Case studies from the drylands of Latin America

Authors: IUCN, edited by A.C. Newton and N. Tejedor

This book presents the results of an international research project, which was designed explicitly to examine application of the forest landscape restoration (FLR) approach to dryland forest ecosystems in Latin America.