TV program in Brazil: Globo Rural

Video in Portuguese on the difficulties of restoration along the Xingu river in Brazil.

Earth Report Rwanda

This is an episode of Earth Report, on forest restoration activities being done in Rwanda.

Aprendizagem social em processos de gestão compartilhada de recursos naturais

Presentation by Y Ikatu Xingu in Portuguese on social learning in shared natural resource management in Xingu, Brazil.

UK- India Forest Landscape Restoration

Authors: The Research Agency of the Forestry Commission, edited by M. Smith and S. Tripathi

The objective of collaboration is to provide an overview of forestrestoration activities in India and the UK – small and large scale, public andprivate – that have the potential to deliver benefits for biodiversity and people.This is supported through case studies. This work can then provide the basisfor a more co-ordinated approach to restoration initiatives.

The Ecosystem Approach. Learning from Experience

Authors: IUCN, edited by Gill Shepherd

This book follows applications of the Ecosystem Approach over a 5-10 year period in five locations.  Key findings include the vital importance of a full stakeholder analysis, of market analysis and of the promotion of institutional evolution.