South Africa - Sustainable Communities Programme

Sustainable Communities, which developed off the back of (and now incorporates) the Indigenous Trees for Life programme, has rapidly grown into a world-class sustainable development programme.

Restoring Brazils Atlantic Forest: Rebuilding an Endangered Ecosystem

The Nature Conservancy and many partners are helping restore one billion native trees to Brazils highly endangered Atlantic Forest. But what does it take to rebuild an entire forest? Find out what traditional—and surprising—techniques are being used to bring this rainforest back from the brink of destruction. 

Thailand - Mae Tha community forestry experience

A video on the Mae Tha community in the Chang Mai district of northern Thailand boasts a successful evolution into community forestry through the support of donors such as RECOTFC.

High-Yield Oil Palm Expansion Spares Land at the Expense of Forests in the Peruvian Amazon

Authors: V.H. Gutierrez-Velez, R. de Fries, M. Pinedo-Vasquez, M. Uriarte, C.Padoch, W. Baethgen, K. Fernandes, Y. Lim

High-yield agriculture potentially reduces pressure on forests by requiring less land to increase production. Using satellite and field data, the authors assessed the area deforested by industrial-scale high-yield oil palm expansion in the Peruvian Amazon from 2000 to 2010.

Bentwoud – A Recreational Forest

This short movie describes a Forest Landscape Restoration site in one of the coastal provinces of the Netherlands.

Westerse Veld van Rolde - a private owner approach

This short movie describes a Forest Landscape Restoration site in the Drente province of the Netherlands.

Forest landscape restoration in Doi Mae Salong, Thailand

An impression of forest landscape restoration and tourism in Doi Mae Salong in Thailand. A report by Tawatchai Rattanasorn, IUCN.

Kebijakan Nasional tentang IUPHHK Restorasi Ekosistem dalam Hutan Alam pada Hutan Produksi

Presentation partly in Bahasa Indonesia and partly in English on forest ecosystem restoration in Indonesia. Presentation by Listya Kusumawardhani.

Kampar Ring Plantations. Adding Value for Conservation, Community and Economic Development

Presentation by Tara Rukmantara on building sustainable forest management in Kampar, Sumatra.

GPFLR – Southwest Amazonia Learning Site

Presentation by GPFLR on one of the learning sites on Forest Landscape Restoration in the region of Southwest Amazonia. This presentation explains the ‘Map initiative’ which is a strategic alliance and social movement looking for sustainable solutions regarding land degradation and deforestation.