Towards global guidelines for restoring the resilience of forest landscapes in drylands

Authors: FAO

Forests play crucial ecological, social and economic roles in drylands, but in many regions they have become degraded. Worldwide, millions of hectares of dryland forest landscapes need to be restored to help tackle global challenges such as poverty, climate change, soil erosion and desertification. In collaboration with its partners, therefore, FAO is preparing guidelines for restoring the resilience of forest landscapes in drylands, to be published in the second half of 2013. This brochure describes the main elements of the guidelines.

ITTO Guidelines for the Restoration, Management and Rehabilitation of Degraded and Secondary Tropical Forests

Authors: ITTO

This publication, developed by a team of experts from ITTO and organizations such as CIFOR, FAO, IUCN, WWF International and national agencies, is part of a substantial effort by ITTO and its partners to deal with degraded forest and forest land. 


Strategic Guidelines for Responding to Impacts of Global Climate Change on Forests in the Southern Caucasus

Authors: WWF, KFW, BMU

The impacts of climate change on forests are likely to be substantial, and the negative impacts many times greater than any positive impacts. Forestry agencies and forest managers in some countries have already started to take practical steps to mitigate the impacts of climate change on forests.

Forest Restoration Guidelines. Restoration of Forest Landscapes in the Southern Caucasus

Authors: WWF

The main aim of these guidelines is to support the implementation of sustainable and ecologically sound forest landscape restoration methods in the Caucasus. They describe modern concepts and practices of forest restoration with much more holistic approach, taking into account ecological and socioeconomic considerations. 

Panduan Restorasi Bentang Alam di Indonesia

Authors: IUCN, Tropenbos International, ITTO

Forest Landscape Restoration guidelines in Bahasa Indonesia

La Restauration des Paysages Forestiers en Afrique

Author: IUCN

Dans le souci de partager les expériences et développer une stratégie pour la restauration du paysage forestier en Afrique, le Ministère des Ressources Naturelles du Rwanda, l’UICN en collaboration avec l’OIBT et Helpage ont organisé du 8 au 12 juin 2009, un atelier intitulé, «Atelier sous régional sur la restauration du paysage forestier en Afrique».

Guidelines for Forest Restoration in Ghana

Author: IUCN

To introduce the concept of FLR in Ghana, the Government of Ghana supported the establishment of a National Working Group on Forest Landscape in 2004 to develop a National Plan of Action on FLR and encourage innovative restoration efforts. In addition, a National workshop on ITTO guidelines for the restoration, management and rehabilitation of degraded and secondary tropical forest was held in Ghana in 2006.

Principles and Practice of Forest Landscape Restoration. Case studies from the drylands of Latin America

Authors: IUCN, edited by A.C. Newton and N. Tejedor

This book presents the results of an international research project, which was designed explicitly to examine application of the forest landscape restoration (FLR) approach to dryland forest ecosystems in Latin America.