Kebijakan Nasional tentang IUPHHK Restorasi Ekosistem dalam Hutan Alam pada Hutan Produksi

Presentation partly in Bahasa Indonesia and partly in English on forest ecosystem restoration in Indonesia. Presentation by Listya Kusumawardhani.

GPFLR – Southwest Amazonia Learning Site

Presentation by GPFLR on one of the learning sites on Forest Landscape Restoration in the region of Southwest Amazonia. This presentation explains the ‘Map initiative’ which is a strategic alliance and social movement looking for sustainable solutions regarding land degradation and deforestation.



Biodiversity Conservation in the Production Forests of Indonesia

Presentation on how production forests can contribute to biodiversity conservation and the role of ITTO/IUCN guidelines.

Private contributions to Landscape Restoration

Presentation by Rukmantara on private contributions to Landscape Restoration.