A Landscape Perspective on Monitoring & Evaluation for Sustainable Land Management - Trainers' Manual

Authors: Louise E. Buck, Raffaela Kozar, John Recha, Ayal Desalegn, Chris Planicka, Abigail K. Hart - EcoAgriculture Partners and Cornell University, EcoAgriculture Partners, Environmental Resource Management Center for Sustainable Development, EcoAgriculture Partners, Environmental Resource Management Center for Sustainable Development

Manual de restauración ecológica campesina para la Selva Lacandona

Authors: D. David, B.G. Ferguson

This Spanish manual is the result of several years of research on ecological restoration in Selva Lacandona, Mexico. It is a useful guide for both farmers and technicians involved in ecological restoration in rural areas.

Tenure rights and access to forests. A training manual for research

Authors: A.M. Larson (CIFOR)

Part I of this guide has been created with the purpose of summarizing the mostimportant aspects of forest tenure rights and resource access, because of therelevance of these issues to research on forests, as well as providing guidanceon the selection of methods and tools for obtaining appropriate tenureinformation in research.

FAO training manual - collaborative conflict management for enhanced national forest programmes

Authors: Antonia Engel, FAO

Published by the National Forest Programme Facility at FAO, the manual provides guidelines for designing and conducting training courses for practitioners involved in managing conflict related to forest policy. It suggests a general framework for a five-day course and provides training activities, questions that training participants in conflict management workshops often ask, and a sample training agenda.