Building Forest Landscapes Resilient to Global Changes in Drylands

An introduction and outline of the first international workshop co-organized by the Government of Turkey and FAO in spring 2012. This work will be an analysis and documentation of lessons learnt from afforestation and forest restoration in dry land areas.

Expert Workshop on Forest Landscape Restoration in The Mediterranean Region

Authors: IUCN

This is a report on the expert workshop on Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) in theMediterranean region, which was organized by the IUCN and partners. The workshop brought together a broad group of actors with stakes in forest restoration, use, management and conservation, both on the ground and at the policy level, in order to identify the ways for effective application of Forest landscape restoration (FLR) concept in the Mediterranean region.

Forest Landscape Restoration. Broadening the Vision of West African Forests

Authors: IUCN

Forest Landscape Restoration is about getting the right blend of approaches,  at the right scale, to deliver the forest goods and services that people and  societies need. Although separate initiatives on projects using the FLR approach in West Africa already  exist, there is a need to repeat these examples on a broader scale.