Value for money: Guatemala's forest landscape restoration

Authors: IUCN

The primary objective of this assessment is to determine the value for money (VfM) of IUCN's contribution to Guatemala’s forest landscape restoration (FLR) policy formulation processes during the period 2012-2016.

Mainstreaming FLR & Biodiversity Conservation, Case Studies from the International Model Forest Network

This document provides select case studies from the International Model Forest Network (IMFN) related to mainstreaming ecosystem restoration and biodiversity conservation.It has been developed as a supplement in support of a short-term action plan on ecosystem restoration for Parties to the CBD

Forest Landscape Restoration. Building Assets for People and Nature Experience from East Africa

Authors: IUCN, WWF, DFID

Forest loss and degradation carry a heavy human and environmental cost throughout tropical, temperate and boreal regions. In response, IUCN, WWF and various government and non-government partners have developed the Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) approach, which focuses on restoring the goods, services and ecological processes that forests can provide at the broader landscape level. While FLR is globally relevant, some captivating and interesting examples of restoration have come from East Africa. Three examples are highlighted in this booklet.

Panduan Restorasi Bentang Alam di Indonesia

Authors: IUCN, Tropenbos International, ITTO

Forest Landscape Restoration guidelines in Bahasa Indonesia

La Restauration des Paysages Forestiers en Afrique

Author: IUCN

Dans le souci de partager les expériences et développer une stratégie pour la restauration du paysage forestier en Afrique, le Ministère des Ressources Naturelles du Rwanda, l’UICN en collaboration avec l’OIBT et Helpage ont organisé du 8 au 12 juin 2009, un atelier intitulé, «Atelier sous régional sur la restauration du paysage forestier en Afrique».

Guidelines for Forest Restoration in Ghana

Author: IUCN

To introduce the concept of FLR in Ghana, the Government of Ghana supported the establishment of a National Working Group on Forest Landscape in 2004 to develop a National Plan of Action on FLR and encourage innovative restoration efforts. In addition, a National workshop on ITTO guidelines for the restoration, management and rehabilitation of degraded and secondary tropical forest was held in Ghana in 2006.

Forest Landscape Restoration. Broadening the Vision of West African Forests

Authors: IUCN

Forest Landscape Restoration is about getting the right blend of approaches,  at the right scale, to deliver the forest goods and services that people and  societies need. Although separate initiatives on projects using the FLR approach in West Africa already  exist, there is a need to repeat these examples on a broader scale.