Capacity building of Malawi's female farmers on FLR

This brief by IUCN focuses on building knowledge and developing the capacity of Malawi’s female farmers on forest landscape restoration. 

As farmers, foresters and providers, women have a unique understanding of the ecosystems they live alongside. A pioneering radio programme in Malawi is tapping into this immense body of knowledge by creating a platform for women to engage in landscape restoration.

People Can Change Forest Governance

Authors: J. Kiyulu

This article describes multi-stakeholder initiatives in the DRC regarding deforestation and the involvement of local inhabitants and other stakeholders. At the community level, the project helped to form village committees to monitorforest exploitation, build links with logging companies and take part in local development planning. At the territorial level, a consultative committee was set up to engage civil society, business and local government in a constructive dialogue on forest governance.

Learning from Landscapes. Arbor vitae special issue

Authors: IUCN

Learning from Landscapes. This arborvitae special reviews current best practice assessing landscape values based upon on-the-ground experiences in tropical developing countries.