Jul 19

Forest and Landscape Restoration and Sustainable Land Management in the Sahel

19-07-2018 - 19-07-2018

The First Global Steering Committee allowing the operational launch of the FFEM funded project will be held during the 24th session of the FAO Committee on Forestry (16 - 20 July 2018) at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy. This project will test on the ground innovative approaches for upscaling restoration and sustainable agricultural practices.

Jul 20

The four main regional initiatives on FLR

20-07-2018 - 20-07-2018

This event will take place at the FAO headquarters in Rome on 20 July 2018. The objective of this event is to highlight the progress made in the context of four regional initiatives on Forest and Landscape Restoration: Latin America, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Mediterranean. 

Aug 29

GLF Nairobi 2018

29-08-2018 - 30-08-2018

Landscape Restoration in Africa - Prospects and Opportunities:
Strengthening technical, economic, financial, institutional and human capacities for landscape restoration implementation.

Oct 1

IUFRO 2018

01-10-2018 - 05-10-2018

Adaptive Management for Forested Landscapes in transformation

This conference will highlight the accelerated changes imprint in our planet within this era of the Anthropocene. Transformation of forest use that is occurring in response to the pressures of globalization, population growth, resource scarcity and ecological degradation are part of the BIG challenges ahead.

Jun 11

IUCN World Conservation Congress 2020

11-06-2020 - 19-06-2020

The French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition and IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, have signed an agreement to jointly organise the next IUCN World Conservation Congress, to be held in 2020 in Marseille.

Past events

Apr 17

Webinar: Role of Livestock Management in Sustainable Landscape

17-04-2013 - 17-04-2013

Livestock is considered a major force of environmental destruction, which in turn leads to conflict and hunger. However, traditional pastoralists have thrived during millennia in areas with low productivity and hard conditions. What are the keys for sustainable pastoralism? What opportunities does livestock bring for environmental restoration and poverty reduction? What is the role of mobile pastoralism for climate change adaptation and mitigation?

Apr 15

Call for Proposals - Strategies for Reducing Emissions from Fuelwood Harvesting in North Sumatra

15-04-2013 - 15-04-2013

Conservation International, in its role as Administrator for the Sustainable Landscapes Partnership (SLP) in Indonesia, has issued the first call for proposals to identify, develop and test new solutions aimed at avoiding deforestation through the development of low emission business models in North Sumatra. The activities supported in this call are focused on the development and implementation of strategies to improve fuelwood harvesting practices and use by local communities which will reduce the pressure on natural forests, reduce emissions and improve livelihoods and human wel

Apr 8

Tenth session of the UN Forum on Forests

08-04-2013 - 19-04-2013

The tenth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF10, Istanbul, 8-19 April) will assess the overall progress made on the implementation of the Non-Legally Binding Instrument on all types Forests (forest instrument) and achievement of its four Global Objectives on Forests (GOFs)