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Who we are

The day-to-day work of the partnership is guided by a small core group of the most active Partners, supported by a Secretariat hosted by IUCN and by a Learning Network Facilitator hosted by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation in the Netherlands.

Reach us at

Peter Besseau
Co-Chair GPFLR

Director of
International Affairs
Canadian Forestry

580 Booth Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0E4, Canada 

+1 (613) 9477358


Carole Saint-Lauren
Coordinator GPFLR

Senior Forest Policy
Advisor, IUCN

70, Mayfield Avenue
Toronto, ON 
M6S 1K6, Canada

+1 416 7633437 


Cora van Oosten
Facilitator GPFLR

Programme Coordinator
WageningenUR Centre
for Development

P.O. Box 88 
6700AB Wageningen
The Netherlands 

+31 317 481397


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