UN 'Decade of Ecosystem Restoration' proposed

Concept note for the initiative proposed by El Salvador with the support of countries from the Central American Integration System (SICA)

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During the Bonn Challenge 3.0 high-level meeting in Brazil in March 2018, El Salvador indicated its intention to seek the proclamation of the “UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030”.

Discussions during the recent Global Landscapes Forum event in Nairobi, which focused on restoration of degraded landscapes; the proposed initiative received widespread support. 

Erik Solheim: “Ecosystem restoration can counter climate change, poverty and biodiversity loss. A U.N. Decade for Ecosystem Restoration would give us an opportunity to accelerate restoration action and UN Environment supports El Salvador and the many other countries who are champions of this idea.”

Below you can access the Concept Note which spells out the rationale and ambition for the proposed initiative. You are encouraged to share the Concept Note to to generate momentum and support for the initiative.