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From Border to Border: FLR in Rwanda

The ITTO Biennial Work Programme calls for ITTO and its members to "Make provision for the ITTO, in collaboration with the GPFLR and national institutions to establish and consolidate a learning network of forest landscape restoration model sites for demonstration, exchange of experience and dissemination of best practices."

The collaborative activity outlined in this concept note builds on and refines Activity 49 based on discussions between the ITTO, the International Model Forests Network (IMFN), the African Model Forests Network (AMFN) – the strategic partner of the IMFN programme – and GPFLR through its coordinator, IUCN.  It integrates the results of the multi-stakeholder consultation and meeting co-organized in Goma the 18Th – 19Th of September 2010 and ongoing consultations with the Government of Rwanda.  

This project is in the nature of a scoping project in that it will identify the best opportunities and put in place the building blocks for continued collaboration among the project partners and other interested organizations and actors. 

The specific objective of this project is to: Initiate a learning network of forest landscape restoration model sites in the Congo Basin – with a particular emphasis on DRC, Rwanda and Cameroon – for demonstration, exchange of experience and dissemination of best practices, integrated within the International Model Forests Network and the GPFLR learning network for broad outreach and influence.

The project is supported by Resources Naturelles Canada, and implemented by IUCN in sub Saharan Africa with the African Model Forest Network.  It is proposed that the activity budget be directed to the Congo Basin and global networking and scaling up of project results.  This focus is recommended because of the timely opportunities and advanced state of discussions between the activity partners. 

The project supports an ambitious plan to integrate landscape restoration into its national development plans and to pursue a goal that would witness large‐scale restoration of land, soil, forest and water resources for the benefit of the Rwandan population over the next twenty five years based on an Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Government of Rwanda, IUCN and the United Nations Forum on Forests in 2011.

Based on this project objective, an MOU has been signed with “Radio Environnement” of Yaoundé, Cameroon to facilitate exchange of best practices within the learning sites of FLR. The main focus with “Radio Environnement” is to:

  • Produce a broadcast on the guidelines for the forest landscapes restoration (14 emissions)
  • Disseminate the broadcast on “Radio Environnement” and four of its collaborating members of the Rural Radio Communities (ReRaC), all which broadcast near the models forests of Cameroon, Rwanda and DRC
  • Put in place a mechanism for sharing of experience  in the three countries
  • Post emissions produced on the Internet sites of the IUCN, Radio Okapi, GPFLR, IFMN and any other partner

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