TV program in Brazil: Globo Rural

Video in Portuguese on the difficulties of restoration along the Xingu river in Brazil.

Restoring Brazils Atlantic Forest: Rebuilding an Endangered Ecosystem

The Nature Conservancy and many partners are helping restore one billion native trees to Brazils highly endangered Atlantic Forest. But what does it take to rebuild an entire forest? Find out what traditional—and surprising—techniques are being used to bring this rainforest back from the brink of destruction. 

Thailand - Mae Tha community forestry experience

A video on the Mae Tha community in the Chang Mai district of northern Thailand boasts a successful evolution into community forestry through the support of donors such as RECOTFC.

Do it yourself: Direct Seeding through Mechanization

This Portuguese video is part of the DVD Plantio Mecanizado de Florestas and shows the step by step on the Muvuca mechanized technique. Restoring illegal pastures and crop areas along rivers.

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Globo Rural presents: Conheça o trabalho de recuperação das nascentes do Xingu

This video, shown on the Brazilian TV (in Portuguese) shows how to use innovative sowing techniques to effectively restore ex-forests, within an agro-forestry system.

Estebancio Castro Diaz on Bonn Challenge

Estebancio Castro Diaz, executive secretary of the International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of Tropical Forests commenting on the Bonn Challenge.

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Carole Saint Laurent on the Bonn Challenge

Carole Saint Laurent, senior policy forestry advisor at IUCN,  reporting her vision on the Bonn Challenge.

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Gerald Steindlegger on The Bonn Challenge

Gerald Steindlegger from WWF comments on the outcomes of the Bonn Challenge.

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Earth Report Rwanda

This is an episode of Earth Report, on forest restoration activities being done in Rwanda.

Musah Abu Juam on the Bonn Challenge

Musah Abu Juam, from Ghana's Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, comments on the outcomes of the Bonn Challenge.

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