Adaptive management can increase ecological, social and economic resilience from restored areas in Atlantic Forest, Brazil

Presentation by Vera Lex Engel on adaptive management in Atlantic Forest in Brazil. This was presented at the SER Conference Mexico, August 2011.

Projeto de Conservação da Biodiversidade e Uso Sustentável das Florestas do Noroeste de Mato Grosso

Presentation by Eulinda de Campos Lopes in Portuguese on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of forests of Northwest Mato Grosso, Brazil.

An Effort to Restore from Imperata Grassland to Secondary Forest in Samboja Lestari Area- East Kalimatan

Presentation by Ishak Yassir on how to restore and create new forest from grassland especially for supporting the reintroduction of Orangutan programs.

Aprendizagem social em processos de gestão compartilhada de recursos naturais

Presentation by Y Ikatu Xingu in Portuguese on social learning in shared natural resource management in Xingu, Brazil.

Success story Wanagama: Dari Problem Menjadi Solusi

Presentation in Bahasa Indonesia by Prof Dr Mohammad Na'iem on reforestation and restoration in the case of Wanagama, Indonesia.

Forest Landscape Restoration: Gedepahala Corridor Programme

Presentation by Herwasono Soedjito on the Gedepahala Corridor Programme in Indonesia located between two national parks on Java.