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Webinar on integrated landscape initiatives in Africa

By Abigail Hart and Margie Miller, EcoAgriculture Partners

Abigail Hart, co-author of the study, presents a 9-minute short-course on the state of integrated landscape initiatives (ILI) in Africa.

Before this study, understanding of integrated landscape approaches in Africa was fragmentary, often anecdotal, and spread widely across academic fields. To help fill this gap, we surveyed ILI leaders and participants across sub-Saharan Africa with the aim of answering six key questions:

  1. Where and in what kinds of contexts are ILIs taking place? 
  2. Why are ILIs taking place, and what kinds of challenges and problems do they seek to address?
  3. What kinds of investments, activities, and governance structures are included in ILIs?
  4. What kinds of stakeholders are involved in ILIs?
  5. To what extent do ILIs report achieving positive outcomes across the key dimensions of landscape performance, including food production, livelihoods, ecosystem conservation, and human and institutional capacity?
  6. What were the most and least successful aspects of each initiative, and are there patterns of effectiveness across all ILIs?

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