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Strategic Guidelines for Responding to Impacts of Global Climate Change on Forests in the Southern Caucasus

Authors: WWF, KFW, BMU

The impacts of climate change on forests are likely to be substantial, and the negative impacts many times greater than any positive impacts. Forestry agencies and forest managers in some countries have already started to take practical steps to mitigate the impacts of climate change on forests. Comparison of present forest cover in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with the potential forest cover determined by the study indicates that 55% of forest cover has been cleared, equivalent to 5 million hectares from a potential former area of 9 million hectares.

The governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are now committed to elaborating and implementing forest adaptation strategies. Those strategies must address research needs, educational needs, information to evaluate how forests respond to climate change, the mitigation and adaptation options that are available, barriers to implementing mitigation and adaptation measures, the policies and instruments that need to be put in place, and monitoring to identify problems and allow an early response. 

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