New MOOC on business-driven sustainable landscape restoration

Registration is now open: start on the 14th of February

The European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education (ENABLE) has created its second MOOC: Business Model Innovation for Sustainable Landscape Restoration. In this course, participants are encouraged to take their skills and insights to the next level by going through the business model innovation process. The MOOC launches on Valentines Day, February 14th.

Our planet is under threat of large-scale land degradation. However,  there is huge potential for restoring the planet’s landscapes: around two billion hectares of land, about two times the size of China, can be restored. To do so, partnerships of public, private and civic parties are key and development and implementation of sustainable business models is crucial. This online course aims to equip learners from environmental, business or other backgrounds with practical tools to advance sustainable and business-driven landscape restoration.

The MOOC moves the participants from ideation towards the successful implementation of a new business model for sustainable landscape restoration with four returns: return of inspiration, return of natural and social capital and return of financial capital. Each step of the process is illustrated with three real-life cases of landscape restoration in Spain, Iceland and Portugal.

This new MOOC builds upon ENABLE’s first MOOC and zooms in on the potential for a positive role of business model innovation for landscape restoration, highlighting the following elements: vision formulation, systems analysis, stakeholder analysis, opportunity analysis, business model design, solution validation, assessment and monitoring, and reflection and iteration.

On 14 February 2019, learners can start working, individually or in their groups, on designing their sustainable busines models for landscape restoration – one of the biggest challenges of our time. For more information, see the ENABLE website, and its Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


ENABLE is a strategic partnership, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Its consortium partners are RSM, The Spanish National Research Council, Commonland, United Nations University Land Restoration Training Programme, and Nova School of Business and Economics.


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Massive Open Online Course on Business Model Innovation for Sustainable Landscape