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WCDI Landscape Governance 2018 Course

Apr. 02, 2018 - Apr. 13, 2018

This course challenges forest and nature management professionals to adopt an integrative perspective, to look beyond the forest, and build bridges between the public and the private sector. In this course we focus on the development of institutional development at landscape level including multistakeholder platforms and networks, and financial support mechanisms to guide landscape dynamics on the ground. This course is a co-production of WCDI, CIFOR and ICRAF, all having vast experience in landscape and society related research.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • critically examine landscape dynamics at various levels and scales;
  • understand the implications of up-scaling participation to working with diverse stakeholder groups at landscape level;
  • be able to identify the institutional change needed to enhance public-private collaboration and multi-stakeholder governance processes at landscape level;
  • be able to assess your own role as manager or practitioner, and develop your competencies as a facilitator of landscape governance processes.

Target audience

Participants should be experienced professionals with several years of working experience in the fields of natural resources management, forestry, agriculture, rural development, rural livelihoods, sustainable development or other relevant areas. Proficiency in English is required.

Price3,500 Euro
Date02 - 13 April 2018
Deadline19 February 2018

The Netherlands