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CDI Landscape Governance Course

Apr. 03, 2017 - Apr. 14, 2017

Are you working in forestry, and want to develop a more integrated perspective on multifunctional land use? Or are you working in agriculture, and want to enhance the sustainability of  your activities? Or are you working on spatial planning, struggling with land use conflicts and trying to find a good way out?

Then our course on LANDSCAPE GOVERNANCE is just what you need! During our two weeks programme we will challenge you to look at your work from an integrative landscape perspective, to build bridges between the public and the private sector, and to develop innovative governance mechanisms at the landscape level.

Our course is highly interactive, and takes place in the international environment of the CIFOR-ICRAF campus in Bogor, Indonesia, from 03-14 April 2017. Scholarships are available if applied for before October 18th 2016.  So you need to be fast, as the deadline for scholarship application is already in two weeks’ time....

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